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We believe that through our products we are able to deliver the highest value to our clients. We constantly care about the quality of our fabric buildings, its form and function, not forgetting about its style and aesthetics.

SteelCo Structures offers lightweight halls fully designed for a given location and purpose. Our research, commitment and experience allow us to continually produce and launch new innovative products on the market. We focus on the production of the most efficient and durable fabric buildings available on the market. However, we still do remember about the importance of investing in new technologies, products and modern structure designs.
CC series it's an universal and relatively inexpensive solution for several market sectors. Thanks to their structures, they're durable and easy to build

CC Series

Standard widths available: 10, 12, 16 and 19 meters

CC halls design has a unique combination of joined elements that allow a transfer of force and its spread on the whole structure, without unnecessary load car concentration. This solution allows to achieve a better force distribution and a higher durability of the structure. This solution is very unique and rarely used by competing fabric buildings manufacturers.

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HT Series

Standard widths available: 15, 18, 20, 22 and 25 meters

HT abbreviation (High Top) refers to halls with high top ceiling construction. The HT series has the same unique components, which are used in the CC series. The only difference is with added bigger top and bottom connectors and bigger trusses. The standard HT hall also includes an individual roof panels system (Individual Keder System). It is used in all the structures with a width above 19 meters.

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HT series, characterized by bigger top of construction, very useful in storing large packages and operating/handling some equipment inside of hall.
VP series are the largest halls in our offer, their width reaches over 80m

VP Series

Widths available from 9 to 80 meters

VP series stands for Versatile Product series which also indicates the most important feature of the buildings in this series - versatility. The way truss elements and their connections are designed in VP series halls, allows use of trusses in this construction from other series. This gives many possibilities for elements applications which in turn allows you to build fabric buildings of any size, meeting your requirements and site conditions anywhere on the earth.

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SteelCo Structures

The distributor of innovative, lightweight and cheap fabric buildings made of steel, covered with strong and ecological structural materials with exceptional insulating properties and a very high sunlight permeability. The fabric buildings that we offer are manufactured in Canada and the USA. Materials, structures, components, joint elements as well as cover materials meet the highest European standards. SteelCo Structures belongs to SteelCo Group.


SteelCo Structures
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