The use of halls

Versatility, form and functionality of our halls offers unlimited applications. Our halls are able to meet the most restrictive requirements from agriculture through industry to public buildings. Three different series of fabric buildings have a quick set up and are easy to extend according to growing needs of their users. We strongly encourage you to go through our full offer and contact our qualified specialists who will give you an advise and even create an individual design suitable to your needs.
Modern fabric buildings as a straw, hay and grain storage, garages for equipment and machinery

Agriculture and breeding

Straw, hay and grain storage. Garages for equipment and machinery. Dairies

Our halls can be used in many ways in agriculture and they turn out to be a great replacement to conventional buildings. They are frequently used not only as goods storages, garages for equipment and machinery, but also as livestock buildings such as stables, pigsties or barns. One of the advantages of our fabric buildings is an open space without any limitations such as columns, internal load-bearing walls or other supports. The cover material not only allows daylight to easily pass through it but it also has an optimal ventilation which create a unique microclimate inside the tent, perfect for keeping a livestock. Another important advantage is the cost ...

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Warehouses, storages. Hangars for boats or vehicles. Wood storage and sheds.

Among our offer you can also find halls which are perfect warehouses and storages. The design of the fabric buildings allows any interior design and open space arrangement. The lack of internal support brackets and beams improves vehicles handling the handling and high storage. The material, which is covering the hall, passes through over 80% of daylight and creates good indoors environment, significantly reducing costs associated with artificial lighting. The hall can be expanded at any time to any size accordingly to client’s needs. The whole upgrade of the structure is a fast and safe process.

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Specialized tent halls - warehouses, garages, hangars for aircrafts, hangars for boats and yachts, wood drying, package storage
Very durable fabric buidings for mining industry, chemical industry, salt, waste, compost, coal, sand - storages


Mining industry, chemical industry. Salt storages. Compost storages, landfills.

If you would like to use a fabric buildings in the industry, it is worth paying attention to the way load bearing elements were manufactures and their preparation for difficult external conditions. Unlike many other manufacturers all the elements of trusses in our halls after welding are being hot-dip galvanized to protect them not only from the outside but also from the inside. This way prepared elements are able to withstand more than 30 years in very difficult conditions and exposure to fumes from aggressive chemicals such as seawater, gases resulting from coal combustion process, salt storage, fertilizers, garbage, organic substances etc. (Marine shipyards, chemical processing plants, oil and gas production plants, mine, composting, waste sorting plant).

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Sport and recreation

Indoor riding arenas and stables, soccer arenas, tennis courts, ice rinks, skate parks.

Natural daylight and ventilation system make our halls perfect for practicing all kinds of sports, professionally or recreationally. Regardless of whether it's football, tennis, basketball or horse riding, our halls are able to meet individual requirements. Big covered surfaces are perfect for the indoor riding arenas, which can be used regardless of the weather and seasons of the year. Covered with a light membrane football field gives you an open air feel and protects you from getting wet, too much cold or heat in the summer. The cover is also a specific sound barrier, so doesn’t let the noises from the outside in and out, which makes the fabric buildings extremely comfortable.

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Sports halls, soccer and tennis courts, skate parks, icerinks and even go-karts tracks
Universal halls for military purpose, aircraft hangars and military equipment storages, pumping stations, exhibitions halls, light temporary buildings, public buildings

Public sector

Military buildings. Sewage treatment plants, pumping stations. Exhibition halls.

Our reliable and extremely durable halls are often used as public buildings or governmental buildings. Fabric buildings can be also used as military buildings such as aircraft hangars, warehouses, equipment storages and garages for different vehicles. They are perfect as temporary assembly halls, test tunnels for rail vehicles and portable tents too. Durability, easy set up and assembly as well as the possibility of moving a fabric buildings in any place and at any time make our fabric buildings the only of their kind.

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SteelCo Structures

The distributor of innovative, lightweight and cheap fabric buildings made of steel, covered with strong and ecological structural materials with exceptional insulating properties and a very high sunlight permeability. The fabric buildings that we offer are manufactured in Canada and the USA. Materials, structures, components, joint elements as well as cover materials meet the highest European standards. SteelCo Structures belongs to SteelCo Group.


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