Public sector and the army

Proven and extremely durable fabric buildings are being used as public as well as governmental buildings. They are frequently used by Canadian and American military forces as aircraft hangars, warehouses for equipment or garages for a variety of vehicles as well as temporary assembly halls, test tunnels for rail vehicles and portable tents. Durability, easy set up and the ability to relocate the fabric buildings in any place and at any time make our halls the only of its kind.
Fabric building as a treatment plants Fabric building as a pumping stations Fabric building as a cover of drinking water tanks Fabric building as a cover of drinking water tanks Fabric building as garages of machinery
Fabric building as trains hangar Fabric building as a conference tent Fabric building as a temporary exhibition hall Fabric building as a military aircraft hangar Fabric building as a military aircraft hangar

Low costs

The production process of the hall, very short time of its set up, low cost of its purchase as well as its maintenance make a fabric buildings a very attractive cost alternative to other buildings. Natural daylight permeability of 80% of the cover material minimizes or even eliminates totally the use of artificial light during the day, which significantly reduces cost spent on electricity.


Our halls allow not only a flexible arrangement of the interior but also allow some extensive modifications of fabric buildings cover, side walls, end walls and doors. Depending on your needs we can provide an individual solution that will allow for example opening of the side wall panels and leaving only the roof, dismantling of end walls wich will open a hall and create a tunnel. If required, we will help you create a dedicated to your needs solution.

Natural daylight and temperature

Special roof cover material has a high sunlight permeability. It is also a great insulator, which protects against summer heat and reduces heat loss in the winter inside the fabric buildings. It makes a unique microclimate inside the fabric buildings. The material does not keep moisture inside the tent so pests cannot propagate which might be harmful to good storage of wood or cardboard.

Unlimited indoor space

There are neither columns inside the hall nor load-bearing walls or pillars, which could restrict the work inside the fabric buildings. What is more, high vaulted ceiling allows easy fresh air circulation and any space arrangements inside the hall. Fabric buildings allow an easy load and unload of goods with forklifts even inside the hall as well as easy storage of goods of large dimensions.

Health and ecology

Proper ventilation, high sunlight permeability and unique acoustic properties of the cover create exceptionally comfortable conditions inside the hall, both for humans and for animals. Fabric buildings do not hold humidity, bacteria do not develop inside and the cover material is one of the most environmentally friendly plastics.


  • Aircraft hangars
  • Military equipment storages
  • Temporary mounting halls
  • Tunnel test
  • Garages for vehicles and machinery
  • Temporary exhibition halls
  • Indoor water treatment tanks
  • Treatment plants, pumping stations
  • Train hangars

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[ + ] Warehouses, storages, hangars

[ + ] Oil & gas, mining, waste & recycling

[ + ] Sport and recreation

Technology and materials

The quality of the product, which is a fabric buildings, is proven by its smallest elements. We strongly encourage you to read more about our production technology, the materials and solutions we use. This knowledge will help you to understand better the differences between our products and different manufacturers’ ones to make the right choice.

Any inquiries

If you are looking for a fabric buildings or you would like to know more about our offer, terms of purchase or just simply need some more information - please do not hesitate and contact us.

SteelCo Structures

The distributor of innovative, lightweight and cheap fabric buildings made of steel, covered with strong and ecological structural materials with exceptional insulating properties and a very high sunlight permeability. The fabric buildings that we offer are manufactured in Canada and the USA. Materials, structures, components, joint elements as well as cover materials meet the highest European standards. SteelCo Structures belongs to SteelCo Group.


SteelCo Structures
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