Why should you choose a fabric buildings from Canada or USA?

There are many reasons why lightweight fabric buildings are the best available alternative to conventional buildings. More recently they have become popular and frequently used solution that can be applied to sport as well as industrial and warehouse market.

However, not all fabric buildings are exactly the same. Although they may visually and conceptually differ a little, it is worth to take a closer look at its structure, its means of protection against the weather conditions and external factors, assembly details, tent cover materials, fixing as well as various other solutions used to prolong tent durability. The above is all together the result of many years of our experience.

This is why we decided to introduce Canadian and American solutions on polish market. We truly believe that this very diverse climate, sometimes difficult weather conditions, extensive competition on those markets as well as demanding customers have become the relevant factors towards motivating the development of highly modern, durable and cost-effective solutions in this business.

Please find attached below a description of some basic features of these structures mentioned above. We have also added a short summary of the most popular technologies for building a fabric buildings. We would also like to encourage you to go through our full offer, especially technology section where you can find all the information which clearly highlights huge quality discrepancies between our fabric buildings and other manufacturers’ ones from Poland and abroad.
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Low investment costs

The total cost of each design, which includes cost of a fabric buildings itself, hire of a crew of workers and equipment as well as some additional work related costs, is still significantly lower in comparison to conventional buildings or even wood or steel structure halls.

Very low service and maintenance costs

We could say, basing on the information provided below, that lightweight buildings covered with structural tarpaulins do not require an additional maintenance once being build. The unique features of HDPE material are the reason why a dust is not settling in on it, no painting is required nor chemical cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of its surface. The cover material has 15 years warranty and its durability is estimated to last for more than 20 years. What is more, it is resistant to mold and fungi too. Thanks to the shape of the fabric buildings and the structure of its material there will be no problem with lying snow on it or ice too.

Lightweight and solid structure

As there is no need to place piles or pillars inside the fabric buildings, it gives much more space to be used inside. The shape of its individual components and the height of the hall itself allows easy movements inside and storage of even large equipment. Fabric buildings are even suitable for running a tournament in volleyball, tennis or soccer. Load-bearing elements are made of trusses, which are designed individually for each fabric buildings and take into account external factors such as snow and wind, which can interact with it in the future. Each structure has to pass a series of tests to prove its endurance and show corrosion-proof results.

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High permeability of sunlight

Structural cover of the fabric buildings has a very high sunlight permeability which enables to sustain very comfortable conditions inside the fabric buildings, without the need of lighting it up with an artificial light during the day. Bearing in mind that the cost of lighting inside a conventional building may amount to thousands of PLN, our fabric buildings with structural cover can help you avoid some of these costs.

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A short time for building

Fabric buildings are built from ready-made, prefabricated structural elements, which not only help to significantly reduce building time, but also and what is equally important they minimize the number of workers involved in setting the fabric buildings up. The time devoted to build a fabric buildings largely depends on its size and investor’s requirements, but on average it takes from a few to a several days.

Relocation of the building

It is true that the structural fabric buildings are designed in most cases as buildings permanently fixed to the ground. Nevertheless, should you have an urgent need to move it, the whole structure of our fabric buildings can be easily dismantled, folded, transported to another location and re-build again. What is more important, all actions mentioned above will have very little impact on the environment in comparison to traditional, conventional buildings where it is very difficult to avoid sometimes.

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Any inquiries

If you are looking for a fabric buildings or you would like to know more about our offer, terms of purchase or just simply need some more information - please do not hesitate and contact us.

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Technology and materials

The quality of the product, which is a fabric buildings, is proven by its smallest elements. We strongly encourage you to read more about our production technology, the materials and solutions we use. This knowledge will help you to understand better the differences between our products and different manufacturers’ ones to make the right choice.

SteelCo Structures

The distributor of innovative, lightweight and cheap fabric buildings made of steel, covered with strong and ecological structural materials with exceptional insulating properties and a very high sunlight permeability. The fabric buildings that we offer are manufactured in Canada and the USA. Materials, structures, components, joint elements as well as cover materials meet the highest European standards. SteelCo Structures belongs to SteelCo Group.


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