Who we are?

SteelCo Structures is a response to the growing interest and demand for modern fabric buildings on the Polish as well as European market. The company has emerged as a specialized and fully independent supplier for fabric buildings solutions from foreign manufacturers. SteelCo Structures foundation comes from Matro company - an existing and successfully run for more than ten years on the building market company.

Our experience on the building market allows us to assess in the best way the usefulness of provided solutions. The structures we have built so far as well as competences we have gained while creating them have given us a better judgment in selecting the right product for you and choosing the one with the highest standard of safety and functionality.

Why suppliers from across the ocean?

We are co-operating with many manufacturers from Canada and USA. We truly believe that this very diverse climate, sometimes difficult weather conditions, extensive competition on those markets as well as demanding customers have become the relevant factors towards motivating the development of highly modern, durable and cost-effective solutions in this business.

However, we are aware that like elsewhere on Polish market too there are suppliers and manufacturers operating and offering products with a different quality and price range. Therefore, we have decided to work only with a few manufacturers to be able to offer our clients a wide range of solutions, both in terms of price and high quality.

Our Team

Our team consists not only from some exceptional professionals in the field of steel structure design, engineers, technicians, but also includes top managers who will carry out the entire process of preparation, delivery and final construction of a fabric buildings.

We do not think we are the best in the business, but for sure we have enough experience and technology knowledge, including different solutions from competing manufacturers to offer our clients the best possible solutions, provide an advice and if necessary even make a comparison to other products available on the market.


In addition to the process of selecting the best solution, designing the right fabric buildings and finally delivering it anywhere in the Europe, we also offer the following services:

  • site preparation (level the ground, lay the foundation, preparation of walls etc.),
  • set up of a fabric buildings,
  • suitable interior design,
  • ground preparation inside the hall (for soccer, tennis, horse riding, warehouse, garage etc.),
  • outdoor design around the building area
Our offer is suitable for almost every sector of the market thanks to unique features of our fabric buildings.
Please feel free to get to know our offer and possible use of fabric buildings a little bit better.

Any inquiries

If you are looking for a fabric buildings or you would like to know more about our offer, terms of purchase or just simply need some more information - please do not hesitate and contact us.

Get to know our products

[ + ] Agriculture and breeding

[ + ] Warehouses, storages, hangars

[ + ] Oil & gas, mining, waste & recycling

[ + ] Sport and recreation

[ + ] Public sector, military

Technology and materials

The quality of the product, which is a fabric buildings, is proven by its smallest elements. We strongly encourage you to read more about our production technology, the materials and solutions we use. This knowledge will help you to understand better the differences between our products and different manufacturers’ ones to make the right choice.

SteelCo Structures

The distributor of innovative, lightweight and cheap fabric buildings made of steel, covered with strong and ecological structural materials with exceptional insulating properties and a very high sunlight permeability. The fabric buildings that we offer are manufactured in Canada and the USA. Materials, structures, components, joint elements as well as cover materials meet the highest European standards. SteelCo Structures belongs to SteelCo Group.


SteelCo Structures
ul. Sarmacka 28b/39 st., 02-972 Warsaw, Poland
mobile. +48 796 726 214


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